Getting involved


Teams are a great way to get involved in life at St Mags. They will help you get to know others and you will be making a difference in the lives of those around you.

If you want to get involved or just want to chat it through with someone then use the form at the bottom of this page to register your interest and we will get back in touch.

The Living Room - During the Week

The Living Room is our community cafe and is currently open on Wednesdays and Fridays. We need people who can wash up, bake cakes and people for the pastoral team. There are also smaller tasks that need to be done each week like washing tea towels. Team Leader: Trina Jones

The Living Room – Sundays

The Living Room is also open on Sundays before and after the services. Making people, especially visitors, feel welcome at St Mags is a key part of what we do. Team Leader: Pauline Marr

Play Room

On Monday and Tuesday mornings our baby and toddler group meets in the church. This is a well attended group that reaches many in the community. With craft, songs and plenty of play time it can be a loud and fun morning. If your a parent then we need your help but equally if you’re a bit (or even a lot) older then you would be an invaluable part of the team. All roles with children and youth are subject to a brief interview and a DBS check. Team Leaders: Beki Newcomb & Stella Williams

Children and Youth

We want our children and youth to increase in both faith and number. We see children and youth as full participants in the kingdom of God. On Sundays at 11am we run groups for primary aged children (Groundbreakers and Rock Solid). Our secondary age group Fusion meets some Sundays some Friday nights. We are looking for more team to work alongside our children and young people. All roles with children and youth are subject to a brief interview and a DBS check. Get in touch with Sam or the church office.

Tech Teams

The tech teams cover, sound, recordings, projection, networks, media, website and Facebook. These roles are low profile but have a huge impact. If you have some expertise and a little time then we would love to talk about how you can help. Contact: Kev Wilson


Our Sunday musical worship is right at the heart of what we do as a church. The 9am service is usually led on the organ, piano or guitar. Our 11am service has a full band each week. We are looking for people who have a heart for leading people in their worship of Jesus. Team Leader: Mark Thompson

Admin/Church Office

The Church office is open from 9-1 Monday to Friday and is run by our Operations Administrator. We require help with everything from cleaning up to handling emails and hall bookings. An hour or two a week would be a great help. Team Leader: Claire Clarke

Building Maintenance

St Mags church is old and is often in need of repair and maintenance. The larger tasks are done by professional contractors. But we have a long list of small projects that need to be done around the place. If you could help, either giving your professional skills or just because you are willing then please get in contact. Team Leader: Robin Hart

General Help

There are many other teams in the life of St Mags, so come along to find out more. Maybe you have a skill that you could offer that we have not thought of? If so get in touch anyway and let us know. Contact: Claire Clarke

Electoral Roll Application Form

Please fill out the form below to become a member of the St Mags Electoral Roll

Electoral Roll Form

In the Church of England, church membership is officially known as being on the “Electoral Roll”. This is because a church member can stand for election to the body of people who oversee the church with the Vicar as Trustees called the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and they can also vote at the annual meetings. Membership is open to anyone who is 16 years of age or older and baptised with some additional minor variations that are part of national Church of England policy! If you are not yet baptised please do speak with Sam about what it means and whether or not you would like to investigate it. Membership is still immediately available for someone who is baptised and lives within the parish boundaries. For those who live elsewhere, it is only possible once they have been attending regularly for 6 months.

The Electoral Roll is the way that the Church of England nationally records membership and it means that you can vote at our annual meeting.


You need to be 16 or over to be on the electoral roll. Please tick to indicate that you are 16 or over

Tick one of the following that best applies to you

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