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Moments By Ros Patman

(Written after Mark talk on Moments.)

Father, thank you that we can be in this moment Hands father baby 2

With you

Simply standing in the stillness

Of the beauty and wonder of who you are

Dialling down in your presence

Not rushing in and out


But simply being in the moment

With you

Your love inviting us deeper into your presence And your heart

Thank you that in the moment

We hear your voice

We catch your vision

We receive your counsel

We feel your promptings

We share your heartbeat

Holy Spirit

Thank you for this moment

With you

Thank you that there's always so much more

That the waters are first ankle deep

Then knee deep

Then waist deep

Then waters to swim in

Lord Jesus, this year please take us deeper Living each day

In the moment

With you.  

By Ros Pateman Jan 2017