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moving to 11am

On September 4th our Sunday morning service times will change to 9am and 11am. We have taken the decision in order to make space to grow. 

It’s all about growing

At St Mags we have a simple vision with a big goal. We are a community whose vision is Jesus; Full Life For All. We are working this out in our community with the goal of reaching 500 one by one. The plans we have include growing towards morning services of 100 people at the traditional service and 300 at the informal service. In order to do this, we need to create space so that things can grow in a healthy way. With our current arrangements, we only have thirty minutes between services. This often means pressure on welcoming people, worship teams, car park, technical set up and hosting team. The welcome that we give people is hugely important. Making room to grow by moving to a pattern of 9am and 11am worship will help us welcome people and move us closer to our goal of 500 one by one.

Healthy choices for a growing community 

worshipSMMoving one of our Sunday services thirty minutes might not seem like a big deal to many. But the reasons for doing it are important in helping us to reach out to our community, however it will make it more difficult for some. The PCC (church council) has not taken this decision lightly, in fact we first talked about it in 2012. Thirty-seven responses where received, nine said this would be difficult and mentioned things like shift patterns, family time and hosting teams. Twenty-eight said it would work and many of those acknowledged that having more time between the morning services would create the space to do things well. The PCC thought that it was best to move to 11am on a trial basis for at least six months and that we would review it before Easter 2017. We also talked about unity and how we had the common desire to know and encourage others in the church family. The reality though as we grow is that we can no longer do this in the ways we have been used to. There are over 250 people that count St Mags as home and in order to help each one of us belong we need different spaces where we can connect. 

It’s not about the coffee

As we move to a new service pattern we will have a great opportunity to simplify things and build some more teams. We used to have coffee on tap between the services and then also after the second service. We are now looking for two teams that will look something like this:

  • 9am hosting team - coffee served for 15 mins after the service
  • 11am hosting team - coffee served for 30 mins after the service

But it’s not really about the coffee. It’s about what we are saying to people as they come through the door. As part of a hosting team you get to welcome people with good coffee helping to make their time at St Mags an opportunity for them to experience the love of God through people like you.

Get involved

So as we move to this new pattern of 9am and 11am worship there are opportunities for each of us to get involved. Please sign up for a hosting team today if you can (see end of this page). There are also many other teams that you can get involved in across the life of the church see 

Together we can reach 500 one by one

Look forward to seeing you over the summer and at one of our services starting on Sept 4th: 9am traditional or 11am informal. Together we can make this work and together we can reach 500  one by one. 

Sign up for a hosting team from Sept 4th

Email Address:

9am Hosting Team 

11am Hosting Team