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Jobs at St Mags

July has been an amazing month. One member of staff has started and we hope and pray that two more are on the way.

The Living Room Pastor - Trina Jones started as The Living Room Pastor at the beginning of July. We received grant funding that made it possible to employ her on a 2 year contract. You can here her tell her story here.

Church Administrator - I am so proud of St Mags PCC (church council) who have made a courageous decision to fund 3/4 of the appointment of a part time administrator over the next two years from reserves. Thanks for your praying, wise input and healthy questions along the way. Advert is here. Another step towards the vision of 500 one by one. 

Curate for Summer 2016 - the Diocese of Exeter would like to send us a curate (vicar in training) from summer 2016. They have asked us to advertise the post through some of the Networks we have like New Wine. You can find the advert here. This is a great opportunity for someone and lets get praying that this advert would get into the right hands.