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What does "full life for all" mean to me? 

SueSMIn the last few months I've been thinking about what 'Full life for all' means to me as I have the privilege to serve St Mags as Churchwarden. Under Mark's leadership we are all encouraged to develop and grow in discipleship, love and leadership - something we need to help and support each other with.

This is part of what 'Full life for all' looks like to me: 

As our children learn to be shaped by Faith,

Our young people grow in Spiritual gifts and responsibility,

Our young adults develop into leaders, example makers and freedom preachers,

Our families grow into strong units of Faith and Stability sharing in their community,

Our Middle agers provide targeted community help and support


Our Elders are honoured and encouraged to continue discipling. 

We will reach 500 one by one.

Sue Garner, 16/09/2014