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We Saw It On TV

Bodies broken, homes burned and shelled,
The anguish of the raped, bereaved, expelled,
Child faces still in shock;
The tenderest possessions spilled and spoiled, 
The  beaten, stumbling blood- and travel-soiled
Victims of violence run amok.

The cruel tit-for-tat of death and pain
Forges new links in the unforgiving chain
That binds both hostile tribes.
Blood let demands more blood, and grief and tears,
Feeding hate’s vicious vortex down the years :
To this, even authority subscribes.

What meaning can there be ?

Was it for this, man’s progress, learning, labour –
So that the strong might kill, rob, rape his weaker neighbour ?
Can a loving God permit ?
This satanic riddle men’s minds can’t master :
It seems to flout logic, mock justice with disaster
And leave the innocent in the shit.

And yet … above the killing fields … if we lift our eyes
Up to the hills beyond, doesn’t there rise 
The shadow of a cross ?
The dying-place of one unjustly crucified
Who gave up all his glory, power and pride
Counting his life but loss.

That act lacked logic, too, but spoke of love :
Self-sacrifice to win men life above,
Loosing sin’s ancient hold.
“Vengeance is mine” God says, “I will repay”.
Men must repent – that is the only way
To break the worldly mould.

FORGIVENESS is the key. 
Richard Sale, 11/08/2014