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No Ordinary Day

Snap Shots From The Living Room

It was a cold February morning. There at a table sat a young lady clutching a hot cup of coffee 
trying to keep warm. I offered her something to eat which she gladly accepted. All I could see was a beautiful young lady, one of God’s treasures. As I listened she told me her sad story. Thrown out by her boyfriend, she now found herself homeless. I explained that her boyfriend may not want her but God was interested in her plight and asked if she would like me to pray for her. Her face lit up and she gladly accepted.
Later the door at the East opened and in walked an elderly couple. Can I help you I asked.  We are just looking to see if this church is open to find out the time to come on a Sunday the next time we are down in Torquay. They had been Christians for many years and her husband was a retired vicar the lady explained.  I gave them a, “Newssheet”, and told them about all the wonderful things that God was doing amongst us and all the families with children God was bringing to the 10.30 Service. How wonderful was their reply. I offered them a cup of Coffee but they had to rush off. They were so encouraged and promised to pray for the work of the church and call on their next visit to Torquay. 
Seated alone at a table by the door was Mary (not her real name) an elderly lady. As I sat beside her she explained that she had come for a cup of tea and a chat. Each morning she went out she explained for a cup of tea and a chat. She informed me of all the different places around Torquay she visited. As she drank her tea and ate her cake she told me a little of her life story. As she left, Mary spoke of her appreciation for the, “Living Room” and the other little,” havens”, she visited each day. 
What about the Play Room?  There the children sat at a small table excitedly watching as one of the mum’s demonstrated how to make a, “paper plate mask”, whilst another mum stood observing.  I recognised this lady from a previous day at the “The Living Room” when she had arrived a little distressed. She then informed me that she, like the mum engaged with the children, had enrolled on a Child Care Course at the Living Room. What a change I noticed in that lady she was so encouraged to be given the opportunity to enrol on a Child Care Course.
At an adjoining table sat mum’s engaged in deep conversation.  One of these mums had previously told me that she had recently moved to Torquay and this place had been,”a life line for her”.  
Got a few hours to spare? Why not let God transform your ordinary day into an extra ordinary day helping at the, “Living Room,” meeting such wonderful people. 

Rose Butt, 12/03/2013