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Filled again and again

The Old Testament promised the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit. Then at Pentecost the Holy Spirit came. Not on a particular person at a particular time for a particular purpose, this was the pattern of the Old Testament. But the Holy Spirit came and filled all people from every nation who chose to follow Jesus, and he keeps on filling them. This was the birth of the church at Pentecost.Hands father baby 2

When Jesus walked the earth he met a man called Nicodemus. He was a teacher and wanted to know about the kingdom. Jesus told him that he had to be born again. Not just of water but of the spirit. Not entering his mother’s womb again, but being born of God. Birth is a messy process, and when people come to faith, get filled with the Holy Spirit and start to follow the living God, growing in full life then things can get very messy. As they get born into a new way of being so a whole new set of tensions and struggles come.


The challenge that each one of us faces is to allow ourselves to keep on being filled again and again with the Spirit who shapes, holds and leads us. 


The same is true for the church. We are in need of constant revival and refreshment. We need a continual outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit into all that we are and all that we do. As the church is filled again and again so this will be both creative and messy. This kind of change and growth is exactly what the Holy Spirit leads us into.


About a year ago we began to open the church serving simple coffee and cake. We called it The Living Room. It has become the template for many of the things that we do here and has caused us to remodel our Sunday hospitality.


The fruit from The Living Room is clear. On a Sunday we see people receiving quality hospitality that enables them to encounter God and God’s people. During the week we are seeing increasing numbers of people come through the doors of the church building to The Living Room. We are regularly seeing people come on a Sunday, get involved in Life Groups and growing in faith.


We have the privilege of seeing new life here at St Mary Magdalene. Please pray for the work of The Living Room and for each one of us as together we follow the leading of God’s spirit. It will be both messy and fruitful as we continue to allow God to fill us again and again.


Mark Searle