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Hands UpAs a teenager I used to go to a Christian Camp in Cornwall every summer. We would do loads of sport during the day and then in the evening there would be worship and teaching. Faced with the truth of the Gospel I had to make a choice to follow Jesus. It was not that I had not been following before, but now I needed to make a conscious choice. It was as if I had to say, “ok Jesus, include me in who you are and what you are doing, count me in”.


Do you remember the day that you started following Jesus? Or the day that you realized you were following Jesus? Some people can remember the time and place, for others they become aware that they are already following. To walk in step with Jesus is a personal thing, he has made it possible, but only you can choose. In the bible Jesus called individuals by name to follow him, they had to choose to be counted in. The call was personal, but then they had to learn to follow with other followers who had also said, “count me in”.
Our world has such a personalized way of looking at things. Anything and everything can be tailored to suit ME. In contrast, following Jesus, joins us to the rest of his body. We don’t pray “my Father”, but “our Father”.


As a church we have a shared vision, “Jesus, full life for all”, and a shared goal, “500 one by one”. 500 logo
We make an individual choice to follow and find ourselves part of a church community with a vision. The next step on the path is to say, “count me in”. To say yes to all that God is calling us to as a community.
There are four ways we can say, “count me in”.
You might like to use these four statements as a prayer.
commit to worship and prayer with other
followers of Jesus on a regular basis. As we put
Jesus first so he grows the church.
Jesus, count me in.
commit to growing as a disciple of Jesus. One of
the best ways of doing this is in a small group.
Here we call them Life Groups and you can sign
up to belong to one today.
Jesus, count me in.
commit to living for others in words and
actions, sharing the amazing grace that you have
Jesus, count me in.
your time, talent and resources to the service
and glory of God.
Jesus, count me in.


Listen to the vision for 500 one by one here:

500 one by one
Mark Searle, 22/04/2012


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Mark Searle