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Inspiration for today

Celebrating his 98th Birthday Capt George Williams quoted Wilson Carlile – here’s some inspiration


Wilson CWilson Carlile founded the Church Army and was accused of wanting to turn the church upside down by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Carlile famously replied “No your Grace, inside out.” Effective mission and evangelism happens when the church is ready to be turned inside out.


Wilson Carlile wanted the church to do more to share faith through words and action by mobilizing ordinary people to share the good news of the gospel.


Carlile had a vision of ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things in the power of the Holy Spirit. Now we have the opportunity to go out beyond the church walls to meet people who are way beyond the church’s reach to tell them about Jesus, to show them Jesus. Reaching out to people where they are and sharing faith with them at the point they’d like the conversation to begin. The Christian gospel is about life, transformation, new beginnings, its revolutionary good news.
 As Archbishop Rowan says, “when we see another human being, we see someone God took seriously enough to die for”. Together, our task is to bring the unchanging message of an unchanging God to our fast changing culture. This is a massive challenge and we have a huge job on our hands. 


Let’s dream new dreams of a transformed renewed church, for a church that is more real and fun, let’s get excited in our amazing God who makes anything and everything possible, and let’s join the Lord in his mission to the nation, to see transformed lives and reach out to people where they are. 


Adapted from an article by Mark Russell read more at  
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Church Office, 01/05/2012