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finding your feet

Find our Feet


We have been here for about 18 months and we have found our feet. We know where
things are, we know who to ask and we have discovered some great places to visit. As a family we think it takes at least that long to find our feet.
I hope that you to have begun to find your feet with us, with the changes that we have brought. Both the 9am traditional communion and the 10.30am informal service continue to develop and flourish. New people just keep on showing up and getting involved.
Part of what makes this possible is that you are settled in yourselves and able to look beyond to others. We see this in the welcome and also in the quality hospitality provided by The Living Room.
As we all find our feet and feel more settled there is both a danger and an opportunity. The danger is that we get comfortable with the fact that there are a number of things we can now do with less effort and that we end up contained and restricted by what is already happening. Someone once said, “change is here to stay”. This needs to be true of us as God’s people in the church.
So what is the opportunity? The bible has many pictures of who we are supposed to be, salt, light, sent people… James puts it very firmly and says that faith without action is dead. But let’s bring the opportunity back to feet. As we find our feet in this place so our feet are made ready to go to the places and people that God is calling us to reach. 
There should be a number of things, that as we find our feet, we can do with ease. But I pray that those feet will always take us beyond ourselves, to reach out in welcome, to those in need, to our neighbours with the life changing gospel of peace.
Mark Searle


Mark Searle, 07/02/2012