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Get Connected

connected It’s one of those eureka moments. You are chatting with someone about something, it could be anything and suddenly what they say causes the light to come on for you. You understand, life is clearer, in that moment everything makes more sense. This is what Jesus did all the time with people, he was a catalyst of change and growth. But he did it in a very intentional and focused way with his disciples. Often he would tell a story to the crowd and then with his friends he would explain the story. Or he would send them out on a task, to go ahead of him and preach that the kingdom was near. Then he would gather them together and reflect on how things had gone. Eureka, suddenly the light comes on, they understand a little more of who Jesus is, a little more clarity about why he came and how they should live.




The way that we facilitate this at St Mary Magdalene is through Life Groups. Simply put they are the place where you can get connected and get growing. They are the places of intentional eureka moments. They are safe reflective spaces with Jesus at the centre. People rarely grow alone. They can have great ideas, come up with wonderful plans, but still be a right pain. When people choose to try and grow alone, they increasingly think they are right because they have stopped listening to the people around them.  This term we want to make it as simple as possible for you to get connected and get growing.  So we are trailing a termly pattern of Life Groups with a one step sign up. We have  listed all the Life Groups so you can see what might be helpful for you and we would love you to give it a try.





You might already have thought of an excuse, let me try to address some of them.





“I’m too busy.” You’re probably right, you are too busy. What are you going to stop doing so you can make space for people and God?“





I don’t do groups.” As scary as other people are, someone needs your insight so that they can have a Eureka moment.





“I can’t commit to anything right now.” Most of us men find this difficult. But it’s just a term and then you can stop, and next term sign up for a different group. The bigger question is do you want to grow to be the man God’s made you to be?





The range of Life Groups we have is amazing. From Alpha and Genesis (for new Christians) to daytime groups, women’s groups and groups with food. Isn’t it time that you grew in God, that you had some more eureka moments. Sign up to a Life Group for one term, it could change your life. It’s time to get connected and get growing.














Mark Searle, 02/09/2011