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Glad to be different

Several years ago I had a great and painful revelation. "I am not my Father". I love my Dad and I love who he is, but somehow as I had grown up I believed that to be the best person I could be would mean being just like him. I had come to think that we operated the same way. Letting go of that was painful and incredibly liberating. Sometime later I had another revelation. “My son is not me”. It took the pressure off and it is helping him to become all that he is called to be and helping me to learn to be his Dad.
Because we are Christians it possible to think that we all think the same, that everyone should be like us. But in the New Testament the picture is quite different. Paul uses the image of the body with Jesus as the head and the members of the church being different parts of his body. Hands, feet, eyes ears and noses; each one has a different part to play and each one looks very different.
This means that we will sometimes observe things very differently. On a beach the foot might observe that the sand is cool, while the ears hear the waves crashing and the nose smells the freshness of the air. All are different, but all with a valid observation and a key part to play.
Unity in the church does not come from agreeing upon everything but we are united by who leads us. We have been baptised into one body and Jesus is the head of that body. The Key to unity is who unites us – Jesus.
Over the next few weeks we are going to be looking at some different people groups in the church and seeing how God connects us together and uses our different approaches, skills and thinking for his Glory. We will look at the young, the old and the richness of being an increasingly diverse congregation.
As this church grows and changes so our places, roles and opportunities to service will change, but everyone has a part to play. After all Jesus says to each one of us, “I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit, fruit that will last”.