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Growing Church

In early 2011 we will be looking at some key things in our life together. The first is that we are a growing church. Living things grow and it is important to nuture a healthy environment to encourage growth, but it also includes a willingness to embrace change. Here are four things that will help us to grow but that also give you a flavour of what God is setting on our hearts:
 Growing Church
Glorifying: our lives are focused on Jesus. We seek to live in a way that glorifies him and we meet to worship him. Gathering to worship on a weekly basis both builds us up and encourages others.
Growing: Jesus is in the transformation business. One of the key ways that happens is in some kind of small group. Life Groups increasingly provide the key structure for both grow and care. We are encouraging everyone  to belong to some kind of small group to help them florish in their faith.
Going: we are a sent people. Mission is right at the heart of who we are. As people who are experiencing the grace of God, so we are to go and share God’s grace with others.
Giving: we all have things that we can give in serving God. These include time, talents and resourses. You have a part to play in the expansion of God kingdom.


You can listen to the recordings from these talks below.


Mark Searle - Giving, the foundation is God's grace what a Joy.
Mark Searle - Going, someone told us the good news about Jesus. He sends us to tell others.
Mark Searle - Growing, God is in the transform business. One of the best environments for that change is Life Groups. Part 3 of 5.
Mark Searle - Gloryifying God is where we begin. To give God worth with our whole lives, it is an issue of the heart and mind. Part 2 of 5.
Mark Searle - The Church is living. It grows and changes. We should embrace that change for the sake of the Kingdom. Part 1 of 5.


Mark Searle, 18/01/2011
jim corderoy (Guest) 18/01/2011 22:51
these two talks that we have had so far have very much spoken to me and i pray many others , about our calling from the lord to share his love for us with as many people outside our church that we can reach.we can only do this if we realy change and truly reach out the hand of the lord to all.