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What's the sign above the door

Every church has a sign above the door. I wonder if you have read ours? Or even if you knew it was there. You know the one I am talking about, everyone reads it, has an opinion about it as they walk past the church. It’s the sign that says to people, you are welcome and you can come in or you are not welcome and you can’t come in. The sign above the door says different things to different people.Door
It’s not a sign made of words and plastic like the notice boards, it’s not a sign made of magazine letters and advertising. It’s a sign made from personal experience of the world and the church. Our job is to change whatever negative signs people think are above our church door into an invitation from the living God. I would love the sign above our church doors to read: “Jesus, full life for all”. Let me try to explain.
The church is the body of Jesus, we are his people, and he is the one others need to encounter. So often in church history we have made the well intentioned mistake of introducing people to an institution, a building or an event rather that the man himself – Jesus.
This Jesus offers life in all its fullness. What he did by living, dying and rising to life is to make it possible to live reconnected to people, God the Father and the world; life in all its fullness. This is the free gift from God that we have discovered and are discovering.
But there is more. This full life is for all people. Jesus spent his time hanging around with people from every walk of life. Jesus message and invitation was for everyone and it still is.
So I hope and pray that building on what has gone before the leaning into what God has in store we would be able to change the sign on the door of the church. So what all would know about and have the chance to encounter the person we follow. Let the sign read: Jesus, full life for all.


Mark Searle, 03/10/2010