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At St Mags we try to keep things simple, but there can still be a lot going on. Use the menu for calendar, blogs, magazine, talks and more.


Torquay Church
The road ahead ...  
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Torquay Church
Interregnum/Appointment Timeline
A timeline of the procedures and processes for appointing a new vicar. We've made a start! More ...





Time for an upgrade (download)
Is your life 'under construction'? What are you building, investing in, putting stock in? Trevor Tomkinson unpacks a difficult word from Daniel 4 about life, faith and commitment.
Trevor Tomkinson, 08/10/2017
This is Jesus' church (download)
Archdeacon Douglas Dettmer talks about what lays ahead for the Mags family. John 15:12-17 reveals the truth that all of us are the church - and that's where our future is. Right where Jesus has called us to be.
Douglas Dettmer, 01/10/2017