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Next Baptisms in the sea: 9th July 2017 

Our next set of baptisms are on Sunday 9th July. Baptism is the outward sign of deciding to follow Jesus. We will be running prep sessions at Access on Wed 21st and 28th June. Please contact Mark or Rob to get involved.

Baptism July 17

disciplemakerSTRAIGHT TALK - Mark Searle

Sunday  July 2nd 6:30pm - St Mary Magdalene
Mark will be sharing helpful insights on how to thrive as disciple makers. 
It is a space to hear Mark but also to ask those questions that you have wrestled with as a disciple maker.

Refreshments will be provided.

Volunteers Needed for Elevate-logo 2017 

 LiNX Christian Youth Trust- Summer week 'Elevate'

From 31st July to 4th August LiNX are running daily Summer events for young people. It is held mainly in the Upton Vale Baptist hall. They are in desperate need for volunteers to help in the kitchen and serving food, even for just an hour or two once or twice in the week, if you or someone you know are available to help, please contact LiNX on 01803 557044.


Leavers Ceremony - Upton St James Bible 

Each year St Mary Mags gives each leaver a bible, and covers the costs of this.  If you would like to support by sponsoring a bible (£11.99) or a donation towards this, please place in an envelope marked 'Leavers Bibles' in the offering. Many thanks

Cleaner/Caretaker Vacancy 

Initially 4 hours per week at Minimum Living Wage
St Mags are looking for a part time cleaner/caretaker who will ensure the rooms are kept cleaned to the highest standards, and ensure health and safety standards are maintained at all times.  
Please contact the church office for an application form.

 Click here for Job Advert 
Click here for Job Description


ChurchApp now called Church Suite

A few weeks ago, ChurchAPP wrote to all of their customers to let them know that the iOS app was unavailable due to a trademark dispute that was brought by another company.   ChurchApp is now called Church Suite. ! Updated iOS and Android apps are available for download through the App Store and Play Store and we’ve got a new branding page on our website to help you access our logos for your website and publicity.


New Wine 

Each year some of the church family go to New Wine for a week of spending time with God and each other.  This year Petrina is overseeing the trip.  If you would like to know more email:  
Click here for more information about New Wine Summer

St Mags Culture Club 

Are you interested in joining Nick and Ali Ford every so often for a trip out? Maybe cinema, theatre, music event, art gallery...even a meal?  It’ll be very “light” own tickets, food etc, but sharing transport with those who don’t have car. If you would like to join the St Mags Culture Club ??, please contact Ali For and she will add you to a mailing list of upcoming events. Click here for first event


Team/Rotas on MyChurch Suite 

If you're on team or rota at St Mags then you will know that we have moved to a new system called MyChurchSuite.

We usually send out an email of any new rota and also print a copy for those at the 9am service. The email currently lists the whole rota, but if you access it via MyChurchSuite then you can see the dates and roles that you have been assigned. You can also add any dates your not available. (If you have not yet got access then please contact the church office)

You can access MyChurchSuite through any browser or even better by downloading the app to your phone/tablet. The first time you access the page you will need to state the church - StMags. Then in future, you need your email and password (set by you).


Once logged in, select Menu - My Rota and you will see the detail of what you are down for (if you're on a phone turn it sideways).


If you want to be really fancy you can also subscribe to the rota on ical (apple) or google and it will be added to you personal calender.

MyChurchApp ical


Updated: Can you hum a tune and click a screen? 

Then you could help!

Great news. We now have three people on the team, but we could still do with two more.  Chocolate bar for each additional person that joins the team - come on let's get to five.

If you're a bit musical (you know that songs have tunes and can hum a few) and can use a computer (just clicking with a mouse, or even
touching a screen) then you could be on the team.

Every Sunday the words for our worship are projected onto the screen so that we can all join in. We are looking for at least more 3 people to come and join AJ on this team (he is currently doing it most weeks).

We have done all the hard work of setting the systems up, so it is often just a question of loading the songs and clicking through the verses - preferably in time with the worship band.

Please contact Mark or talk to AJ on Sunday. 

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