Welcome to the website for St Mary Magdalene Church Torquay. We are a church at the heart of Torquay town and are becoming a church whose vision is: "Jesus, full life for all". All ages are welcome and you can find out more about us and when we meet here.

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This is part of what 'Full life for all' looks like to me
A poem reflecting on the news from the Middle East
Come and Join the Beach Party, 10.30-11.30 All Age each Sunday in August.
Having children is a great privilege. A great place to start that journey is by being part of the christian family and bringing your child before God.
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The Living Room
11:00am Friday 19 September, St. Mary Magdalene church
Communion: Growing Up - How to...
9:00am Sunday 21 September, Church
Informal: Growing Up - How to...
10:30am Sunday 21 September, Church
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Mark Searle
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Heard and good rumours recently? I have...
Here we go - 500 one by one - Partner with us for the next step.
The Living Room is featured as part of this video.
A frank and honest look at sex and relationships from a christian perspective.
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